ZingBox Bringing Cisco, Stanford Lineage To Internet of Things Security

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Safeguarding IoT Devices

ZingBox is an IoT security startup and its founders have been linked to Cisco as well as Stanford Uniersity. They are jointly working on a software that will protect and safeguard IoT devices from internet threats.

The focus of ZingBox is focused to upgrade routers as well as gateways with intelligence to identify, detect or sense when IoT devices are functioning abnormally showing that they might be compromised. It’s been however noted that the problem of Internet of Things security takes into account three characteristics:

  1. About eighty percent of a huge number IoT devices with various hardware and software types have security issued.
  2. Most of the IoT devices perform key roles, but have limited memeory, comute, power and bandwitch. Therefore, they cannot protect themselves.
  3. The IoT devices are connected to the internet, placing them at a higher risk of being compromised while they attempt to deal with critical missions.

ZingBox has come up wmay-wang-100616963-medium.idgeith a solution that takes the network perception on security-as-a-service (SaaS). It’s the negotiator put in the routers as well as gateways to collect all the network data and information regarding traffic to and from the IoT devices. ZingBox analysis engine studies and explores the data, evaluating threats and formulating responses while pushing security rules to the routers as well as gateways to implement.

ZingBox has built an IoT device properties and behaviours database that it utilizes to execute variance detection on the live IoT traffic. The system uses smart traffic sampling instead of analyzing each packet separately, and this allows it to streamline analysis and also keep false positive rate flow. The ZingBox scale is then able to handle the huge amount of data that can be generated by massive deployments of other IoT devices.

The ZingBox through the IoT booming is working on its software to offer auto-protection for it to be used by the non-technical households. Founded in 2014, ZingBox has been backed by about $2.3 million in angel investment, it has begun shopping for institutional investors. It also has a dozen of employees. The company relies on technical integrators and  partners to assist them in building their customer base simply because many businesses are not willing try or test  products from startups with no third party guaranteeing their reliability and credibility. The company is experimenting with the price, but based either for every device managed bandwidth or gateway of the connection it oversees.

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