Walt Disney Favored Augmented Reality Headsets Over Virtual Reality

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Bob Iger of Walt Disney Co. chose to acquire Augmented Reality for their headsets rather than Virtual reality.

The chief executive shows not having interest in theme park visitors strap headsets from virtual reality since it blocks out the view and abode them inside a digital world.

These are some of Disney’s minor rivals who have switched to virtual reality experience for an affordable practice to spice up rides.

  • Knott’s Berry Farm
  • Seaworld
  • Six Flags

On the other hand, Bob Iger said that headsets which destroy reality would be counterfeit in the stability of parks. For that, he even discouraged his team on thinking about the idea.

Bob Iger’s topics at the USC Marshall and Annenberg affair in Santa Monica On Thursday:

  • The probability of launching high technology augmented reality captivations.
  • Devices that will mix the real and digital worlds but will still involve a headgear.
  • A device that enables one to hold a lightsaber and duel with a stormtrooper.
  • A device that would get lighter and much comfortable someday.

He will expressively be referring to a probable partnership with Magic Leap, the augmented reality device maker. His talk was brief and contains limited but precise details. People would always be on a huge scale that is why it is probable that game would converse with virtual reality trips on another theme parks and would still move around other people as to prevent other to stand in place and focusing only on computer projections. Recently, Disneyland has been offering the famous Jedi Training Academy in Tomorrowland with operative characters who assume to duel with lightsaber wielding children that visit the park.

Iger said that what they create is an experience for real. He also added that when a gamer walks into Cars Land, the feeling would be like in a Radiator Springs because of how it was built with scale and not just with the attention.

Iger said that the characters have an energetic facial expressions and would start attracting this May at the Orlando Theme Park.

Theme park specialists had already figured it out that virtual reality would be more different at Disneyland. An instructor of business management at Farmingdale State College, Martin Lewison, said last year that theme park would no longer be idealist. He also added that theme park would go on a $250 million ride at Disneyland instead of sending a mask strapped to a Samsung smartphones.

Iger said after some test rides that what he has done in simulation was pretty good, real good.

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