Voxelus Launches Virtual Reality Authoring Tool

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Create Original Virtual Reality Content Within Minutes

Since the users of virtual reality devices are multiplying with a rapid speed,  it is believed that a lot VR content would be required to fulfill their requirements in the future. Considering the fact that a lot of virtual reality content will be required by users in the future, Voxelus, which is a US cum Argentina based VR startup firm has unveiled new VR content creation tool.

The Voxelus’ content creation tool will allow users to create original virtual reality content within minutes. In other words, with the assistance of Voxelus’ VR content creation platform, users will be able to develop the games extremely fast.


It is true that, a lot of high-profile game companies have been thinking of developing virtual reality devices such as the HTC Vive, the Oculus Rift and Samsung’s Gear VR in the coming time, but the fact remains that people using these devices are expected to   fall short of the VR content. In that case  Voxelus’ content creation tool is really going to be helpful for users to deal with such situation, as it will support  them to develop  their own virtual reality content quickly.

Voxelus’ VR content creation platform consists of Voxelus Creator, Voxelus Viewer, and the Voxelus Marketplace, which will allow users to create, use and sell virtual reality content as per their requirement.

Voxelus Creator is a totally  free drag-and-drop 3D design  app which can be used on PCs and Macs for developing virtual reality content with customizable shapes. On the other hand, Voxelus Viewer can be utilized by people for viewing the content created with the Voxelus Creator in devices such as HTC Vive, Samsung VR Gear and Oculus Rift etc.

Whereas, Voxelus Marketplace can be used for selling and buying the virtual reality content.  According to Voxelus’ chairman Halsey Minor, the company wants to provide all the  users with the potential to develop their own VR games or content.

He also said that, his partners in the business believe that  virtual reality will take off with the support of sufficient user-generated content, which will be similar to YouTube model, in terms of its functioning,  reported  The Hollywood Reporter.

Voxelus’ Gear VR viewer has already been submitted for the approval by the company and its Oculus Rift viewer is believed to be completed by next month. According to the company, no other firm has so far attempted to create a tool similar to its content  creation system, which is expected to soon engulf the entire market.

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