Vitali: The Smart Bra That Reduces Stress

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Cindy Wu, a mechanical engineering student from The University of British Columbia, developed a new Smart Bra called Vitali.

Wu started to suffer from depression during her college days. As a remedy, she had been doing yoga to help her improve her health and cope up with her depression.

Yoga has helped her and eventually encouraged her to become an instructor. Overwhelmed, Wu decided to make something very enthusiastic. She made a smart sports bra where in it could help her achieve the benefits of doing exercises even off the mat and named it Vitali.

This device is equipped with intelligent wearable technology. It is attached with sensors that measure the vital signs like the heart rate variability. HRV is the key indicator of stress. The device is made with flexible fabric sensors which monitors chest’s movements.

Vitali’s reasonable notes:

  • Specifically created for women.
  • Accounted ambitious and unique for an experiment on undergarment for company.
  • Specially made to be worn for athletic purposes.
  • Smooth enough to be worn example by users hindered by bulky wristbands and clip-on devices.

How Vitali functions:

  • The device has an electronics that are centralized in a “gem”, which is a stone-looking device.
  • The gem can be popped out easily which makes the bra washable through machine.
  • The gem is placed below the user’s left collarbone in the front of the device.
  • When the device senses an unpredicted rise in breathing, it will poke the user gently with a series of soft vibrations.
  • Its purpose is then for the user to match and reach the pace of fizzles and help take back to the normal rhythm of the breathing.

The user can manually turn on the vibrations to ponder with the use of an escorting app. The app can also be used to track progress over time. The device will connect to the user’s phone via Bluetooth. No worries, the bra device still works even if it is not paired to a phone.

Vitali will tell if the user is crouching. Through default, the device will send a small vibration first to remind being hunched and second to remind to take deep breathing. The device has its charger that will be filling its battery for two hours and will last up to two days.

Today, Vitali is available in black and white color options. It will be released in the market with the price of $249 but, is also available for $159 today as a Kickstarter campaign contribution. Another exciting promo on purchasing the device bra is offered for the two early birds in the amount of $129 and $139.

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