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If you had the possibility to try some of the Virtual Reality Applications in the past you may have found yourself limited in flexibility and mobility. A seamless movement in the virtual world is, at the moment, only possible in very rare cases. Furniture, walls, cords – they all limit the seamless experience of virtual reality. The freedom of movement in VR will be the breakthrough of this new technology. I have had the pleasure to join in on an exclusive event by Fraunhofer IIS in Nuremberg, Germany, to test the so called “Holodeck 4.0”, an 20 x 32 m scaled area in which you can move freely – in the real and in the virtual world. No wires attached. The feeling of real virtual flexibility was my epiphany moment. VR could change the way we consume content, but only if we call walk right through this experience.

Alexander Pinker using “Virtual Reality to Go” at Fraunhofer Holodeck 4.0

Virtual Reality to Go

The current developments in the mobile VR sector give reason to hope. There is more than just the “Holodeck”, other providers work on mobile solutions as well. “Backpack VR” is, as the name suggests, a virtual reality solution to go. If you open the backpack, there is more than just the VR tools, the innovative VR-hearth needs, but the computing capacity the virtual applications requires to run fluently.


Alienware “VR-Backpack” (Source: The Verge)


Companies discover „Virtual Reality to Go” as an opportunity

Industrial giants like HP or Alienware work hard on solutions to solve the movement problem of virtual reality. First prototypes are characterized by a compact, comfortable and space-saving design. If you try to carry around a high performance computer for some time it should be at least comfortable.

MSI Backpack PC (Source: arsTECHNICA)


The exact details on the progress of their research may be still a mystery at the moment, but the prototypes by HP, Alienware, MSI or Zotac are evidence that there is something big coming. The virtual world will not be the same anymore…and dripping over a cord will be a viral YouTube Hit of the past.


The German version of the article can be found on Medialist.


Picture of the Article: Omni by HP

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  1. I saw another other backpack computers at the VRLA this month HP had their new concept Omen X backpack computer. I just purchased a Laptop for our VR demos and I should have waited a little longer, but with demos coming up I cound not wait. This is going to be my next computer, or new backpack but it’s not as cool as the build for VR. ,

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