Virtual Reality for Kids

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I was planning to write about children and their reaction to VR.

I believed that the “magic moment” was the one where they experienced a certain world in VR for the first time, that this was the moment that blew their minds and put the REAL in the REALity. But then I let my 3.5 son try a VR experience for the second time and came to some new conclusions…

If you read my previous posts or looked at my profile you probably know I make my living creating VR content, so naturally, my kids are no strangers to different HMDs. But even so, the second time my son tried the Jurassic park VR experience for the Gear VR, he kept communicating with the VR world and with the dinosaur in it as if it was his first time. That was when I realized- this is not “a one-time deal” experience- virtual reality- is the real deal.

A lot of experts including yours truly already wrote about how virtual reality is going to change the world, change the future and change our lives. Everyday another article about the wonders of the technology is published, but what most people fail to realize is that it’s not about the future. Nothing is actually changing, but a whole lot is added to what we know to be our current reality.

Children are the most innocent creatures hanging around us, they are the best critics and they have a digital virtual gene they are born carrying – If they enjoy VR constantly – everyone should. And everyone indeed does, but VR can be so much more than pure fun. Although VR’s main purpose is gaming and the main developments in the area are game related, there is a sidekick option, an option that can benefit the world  – simulated teaching environments.

If kids are having fun while being in a simulated world – why not teach them a thing or two in the process? As I mentioned they interact with the virtual world, they respond to it, they are using it naturally and they are having fun while doing so.

Personally, kids are my real teachers, especially when I’m learning how to improve my work and creativity – you are all welcome to watch my son enjoying himself in the video below. I’m wishing us all accessible VR- the sooner the better.




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