Virtual Assistants Are Expected To Win Over Virtual Reality In Holiday Sales

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Virtual assistants are going to be more in demand than the virtual reality headsets in the holiday season. Smartwatches will boost the wearable sales, however, Drones are likely to get less noticed this holiday season.

Nearly two dozens of analysts reveal in their interviews that they expect high holiday electronics sales among which virtual assistants are expected to top the list.

After tagging virtual reality as the “next mega tech theme” in an industry report of May 2015, the brokerage company, Piper Jaffray is expected to cut the sales forecast for VR headsets by 65% to 2.2 million units for this year which will be published in a report later on.

The sales will hit to 300,000 including Facebook Inc’s (FB.O) $599 Oculus Rift and Sony Corp’s (6758.T) $399 PlayStation VR headset.

Paul Lee of Deloitte UK said that only 6 million to 7 million computers globally are capable of executing the software incorporated by Oculus and HTC Vive.

Lee further said that if one has a family of four people and if they want to have a quality VR, then they may need to expend $10000.

Samsung company’s Gear VR headset is expected to grab the limelight as it will turn a phone into a VR headset and that it will be given away with phones.

Amazon Echo, a hands-free speaker which was introduced by Amazon Inc, is likely to grab the market along with Google Home virtual assistants during the holidays.
Virtual Reality for Holiday

According to Andrew Uerkwitz, who is an analyst at Oppenheimer the sales of  Google Home virtual assistants and Amazon Echo are expected to go as high as 10 million to 12 million during the festive season. The sale of these devices will affect the VR market drastically.

The smartwatches are expected to generate a good revenue during the holiday season. The Consumer Technology Association has predicted that a total of 12.6 million wearables will be purchased by the consumers during the festive season. Apple Inc’s watches are estimated to make a good sale. Moreover, fitness devices are losing their stand to the multipurpose smartwatches.

Despite the fact that GoPro has recalled the Karma Drone in November, CTA has predicted the sales to go up to 112% which is more than double the sales of 2015.

It is also predicted that several drones which may cost anywhere in between $100 to $150 will give a tough competition to virtual reality.

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