Virtofy, The Appropriate Business Solution To Demonstrate And Communicate In Virtual Reality

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In the IT industries today, one of the premier trends is Virtual Reality.

The Statistics Speaks

Recently there are 43 million active VR users according to and up to 30 billion dollar growth from the VR market by the end of the decade as estimated by Digi Capital. It was indeed anticipated by Forbes that there is a blazing future for VR as a tool for business variation uses like virtual conferences and prototyping. One appropriate solution was developed to demonstrate and communicate in VR and this is Virtofy.

Aside from the VR gaming is a wide range of industries that will establish a continuous growth on the demand for a flexible and dynamic VR solution during these times of potent trends for automation and digitalisation.

What is Virtofy?

Virtofy is a collective VR presentation system expanded by each Tick GmbH from Cologne, Germany. It features like for example on VR Tours where everybody can practice even without prior knowledge, VR demonstrations for groups with wireless arrangement or an editor to make VR Tours.

It is drafted to increase sales, upgrade project planning and instruct clients sustainably. Thus, one of the world’s leading IT square the website of CeBIT announced recently that Virtofy is an immense way to create practical use of VR for business.

Opportunities with Virtofy

Virtofy demonstrations are primarily used for VR Tours real estate, event and travel agencies together with systemization, construction and advertising scenarios for booth makers, architects, automotive and transportation industries. It is also perfect for VR presentation system like for universities and training centers for their technical education solutions.

The managing director of each Tick GmbH, André Weinhold said that the company had been working along with VR considering Oculus Dev Kit 1. He said that in all their R&D in like manner during the customer projects that they developed, they gathered numbers of insights into all the aspects and potential troubles that may come in using VR. Their goal was still to not only create VR presentations available to a broad parameter of industries, but also to create VR within reach to everybody and break down barriers rather of only focusing on disfavoring audiences.

Hence, they developed the idea that Virtofy is a practical tool for creating the benefits of VR as part of everyday routines of business in B2B and B2C contact.

Weinhold also said that they aim to empower their users to create, share and present their own VR contents in a simple way and help to create VR a standard tool for business communication and demonstration. Today Virtofy is still in a closed beta state and promises to be going live soonest.

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