Video Game Makers Expressed Great Interest In VR At E3

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So far it was believed that futuristic technologies like virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are still in their early stages of development, but the kind of interest that has been shown by video game makers in VR at the Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3 recently, makes it clear that the technology is all set to enter mainstream.

Electronic Entertainment Expo

Electronic Entertainment Expo, an annual event that is committed to hardcore gaming took place in Los Angeles this week wherein people attending the event expressed tremendous interest in virtual reality by strapping the VR headsets in order to escape into the imaginary world.

The kind of virtual experience attained by the attendees with the support of VR headsets allowed them to fight robotic creatures and direct starships.

During the annual E3 event video game developers also announced huge investments, which gave clear indication that virtual reality is finally ready to take off.

According to reports, though it is true that the games played by the gamers on personal computers are still dictating the sales in the gaming industry, but the way virtual reality and mobile games are becoming popular among people, you can definitely expect a lot of change in the future.


During the event, the Japanese technology giant Sony (Sony Corporation) also announced a PlayStation VR headset that will be available in stores by October this year. The PlayStation VR headset is priced at $399 and nearly fifty games are expected to be available for it by the end of this year. The virtual reality version of Batman and Resident Evil will be among the fifty games which can be played by users with the assistance of a VR device.

Some of the games can only be played on PlayStation VR headset such as “Star Wars: Battlefront X-Wing VR Mission.” However, there are a lot of games which can also be played on other VR devices like HTC Vive, Facebook-owned Oculus Rift including PlayStation VR.

Microsoft Project Scorpio

On the other hand, Microsoft also revealed that the company will soon come up with Project Scorpio a new version of its Xbox, which will be VR compatible. In addition to that, Microsoft is also working on in its HoloLens AR glasses.

Though a lot of industry people still doubt the potential of virtual reality, but the way investors and developers are showing their interest in the technology, it shows that VR has already come a long way.

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