Using AR/VR with Illusionary Street Art in Corporate Events – ‘Hangin’ On 4D Installation by Art for After Hours

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The Art for After 4D Experience with Animated Augmented Reality (AR) was in full form at the Chalk Festival in Venice, FL in November!  The next step over 3D…



Over 2,000 people in three days lined up to experience and participate a live demonstration of 4D, that is using animated AR overlaid with hand painted illusionary murals as one cohesive use of fine art and emerging technologies.  A brand new experience for all!

acappetto-afah-4d-ar-installations-7813        acappetto-afah-ar-onsite-7822     acappetto-afah-ar-monitor-close-up-7823

Viewed through our monitor, Art for After Hours was able to share and present this mingling of art and technology to people and demographics of all ages…

acappetto-afah-4d-ar1wm                         acappetto-afah-4d-ar3-wm

This is what they saw…  Hand painted 3D illusionary art as part of the immersive whole where our attendees were ‘Hangin On’ to the side of a building (in a playful way) on the ground while ‘avoiding’ giant animated AR butterflies live overlaid upon the event.  An immersive experience limited only but what Art for After Hours will do next!

Project definable by our clients needs, multiple locations, with full Art for After Hours team led by Anthony Cappetto.


acappetto-afah-4d-ar12-wm                          acappetto-afah-4d-ar15-wm

As one can see, people were having a great time interpreting their unique immersive 4D experiences with the installation…


acappetto-afah-4d-ar16-wm          acappetto-afah-4d-ar19-wm                      acappetto-afah-4d-ar18-wm

Please keep in mind that these images are from a monitor but the concept of blending illusionary art and emerging technologies is very clear.


This example of our painted 3D illusionary art is much sharper and gives you the effect of the traditional 3D reverse anamorphic illusion – the foundation of the use of augmented, virtual reality as the immersive 4D experience…  Reach out to us to design, develop, and realize your unique 4D vision in events, tradeshows, conventions, commercials, launches and more…


acappetto-wstum-afah-hanginon2a      acappetto-afah-hangin-on-2a

Anthony Cappetto is an internationally recognized artist working in 3D street/mural art and a pioneer in the use of 4D emerging technologies in street art installations such as animated augmented reality, virtual reality in the art.  Cappetto is founder of Art for After Hours, the first 3D street painting Company in 2001.  Also pictured:  Wendy Stum, Marketing Director of Art for After Hours.

If you are excited by the possibilities of 4D street art and emerging technologies including haptics, mixed reality, holography, and more – reach out to us for more information.

Corporate, Branding, Launches, Festivals, Government, NGO, Tradeshows, Conventions – USA/International  @AfAH @AnthonyCappetto




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