UCLA Comes UP With An Innovative AR Sandbox

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At a time when augmented reality is doing exceptionally well across the world, the University of California, Los Angeles has also introduced an amazing tool for teaching purpose that combines both virtual reality and a sandbox.

Yes, that’s right the University of California is allowing its students to take the advantage of this unique teaching tool for gaining an augmented reality experience. The Augmented Reality Sandbox, which is basically used for providing the students with the knowledge of topography, is developed by the professors at the University of California.

For developing the augmented reality Sandbox professors took the assistance of off-the-shelf parts such as a normal computer, a projector, and an XBOX 360 Kinect camera.

According to reports, Gary Glesener of the University of California, Los Angeles gave a statement saying that “We use it to teach students about topography.” He further said that “It helps students visualize topography.”

The tool which doesn’t look any different from a regular sandbox has the potential to provide the users with an astonishing 3D augmented reality experience. It has the ability to bring life to the imaginary scenes by creating highly naturalistic mountains and rivers in 3D.

It can also be used by students for carrying out practicals such as for creating a scene that can depict rainfall similar to the way it takes place in the real world. It can also be optimized by scientists, when it comes to identifying the impact of high-speed rains and flash floods in particular city or town.

While talking about the tool Glesener said that “It’s mesmerizing, and some people will sit here for, like, an hour just playing with it,

The best part about using this tool is,  if you want to come out of the 3D world, you can do that within seconds through your hand.

According to reports, the University of California, Los Angeles will be organizing a huge science fair on Sunday, Nov. 8, which will allow augmented reality enthusiasts to experience their creation in 3D with the support of augmented reality sandbox.

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