Toronto’s First Virtual Reality Theatre

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Toronto is heading to the furious technology, thanks to a new virtual reality (VR) cinema that is slated to open up in July. Unlike any traditional theatre, a VR theatre will hold only 20 people and is known as Vivid VR. And instead of sitting in the dark and watching movies, each audience member here will be given their own Samsung Gear VR headset to enjoy the show. Co-founder Gary Tam, a movie lover was impressed with VR technology after he tried it out and discovered that it provides an all-encompassing sensory experience that he did not get through common place 3D films.

Toronto's first virtual reality theatre

Samsung Gear VR transports you to an another world in combination with Samsung Galaxy S6. Samsung Gear VR are the best virtual reality glasses that enhance an immense experience to the member audience. The Samsung Gear VR is a light weight portable virtual reality headset which prevents the hassle of cords and wires. The Gear VR is easy to put on or off and the strap on the sides make it simple to adjust them to the right size. The turning wheel on the top of the Gear VR allows you to adjust the focus, making the headset suitable for people with glasses also.

The traditional chairs are replaced with the custom made turning chairs due to the immersive characteristic of VR movies. This enables you to freely turn around and experience the picture from right, left, front, behind, above and below. These chairs are technically also known as 360-degree chairs, as they give you a 360-degree experience in virtual reality. Virtual reality movies consist of 360-degree images and they also enhance the experience such that the images move in the direction your head moves. This feature of VR cinema adds a special dimension to the virtual experience. Each Vivid VR session will cost $20 and will include an intro to virtual reality as well as three five to ten minute- long VR programs, including titles like JetLag and the horror flick like Sonar. Co-founder Gary Tam said he was mesmerized by the immersive experience of VR and so he thought of bringing it to life through a cinema and getting it to audiences.

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