Tim Cook Thinks Virtual Reality Isn’t A Niche And Has Some Interesting Applications

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The trimester earnings seminar call from Apple is currently on and Tim Cook, the CEO has handled a query on virtual reality saying in his answer that, regarding virtual reality, it isn’t a niche and that it is cool and have got some awesomely fascinating applications. However, that’s not exactly a kind of confirmation or validation that Apple is trailing anything in the field of virtual reality.

With virtual reality products such as Oculus Rift rising in popularity, there has been some hearsay that Apple will unveil certain kind of augmented reality or virtual reality feature in the iOS devices. Apple apparently has a small team of personnel that work on discovering and exploring the field of augmented reality.

Tim Cook Thinks VR Is not A Niche

We have been wondering previously when Apple would get into virtual tech like everybody else to start thinking so seriously about making a virtual reality product. The firm has hired some folks and also acquired stuff that would give an expectant individual some hope that Apple is preparing to make a move here. However, because of how premeditated the company has always been and how faltering Cook’s statement was at the earning seminar call, betting on anything that’s likely to happen shortly is not easy. However, what would be easy to bet on is hearing so many people asking Apple about virtual reality so regularly.

Apple recounted a trimester profit of about $18.4 billion, which is the largest in history though it did so while reporting a flat growth on the sale of iPhone. It predicted declines in the revenue for the coming quarter. Certainly, that is not to imply Apple should find another category, such as virtual reality to get back to the growth rocket ship it had enjoyed over the past years. The company laid the groundwork for all kinds of new markets like the Apple TV, the Apple Watch and the iPad Pro and it will take some time before we realize the sort of business every product will support.

Apple has hired a top virtual reality expert in the US, Doug Bowman. The company has filed some patients for their virtual reality products for years, comprising of Video goggles, 3D hyper-reality displays and motion sensing 3Dimentional virtual interfaces for the iOS devices.

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