The Launch of Philips Badge for Internet of Things (IoT)

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Phillips Badge Announced for IoT

Philips recently launched the web-enabled LED domestic lighting system referred to as Philips Hue in India. During the event, Philips Hue Co-Inventor and Head of Technology, George Yianni said that, Philips Hue was more than simply a wireless lighting structure. Yianni also said Hue was a platform hooked with a wide range of third-party application, so far over 300 present delivering exhilarating results in the IoT environment.

Yianni noted that Philips always endeavor to advance the limits of technology and light to convey expressive and important innovations which evolve to become industry points of reference. The high energy saving LED light quality of Philips Hue enables you to adjust, alter and tune shades of white light and come up with different colors.

The IoT concept would be featuring Hue Starter Kit which involves three Hue lamps and a bridge, Hue Beyond, Hue Go as well as luminaire family including LightStrips, Bloom and Friends of Hue.

While commenting on the operation of Philips Hue, Yianni said that the Philips Hue starter kit can be linked with the WI-FI router in your home and then three Hue lamps put into their existing holders. Customers only have to download the Philips Hue application so as to start enjoying the lighting experience in a new unique way. The instinctive app enables the consumers to remotely and tenuously control the home lighting system so as to protect their homes and as well personalize their Philips Hue experience with conventional setting and program timers to accomplish their schedules.

Philips Lighting contributes about 30% of the aggregate revenue of its parent association, thus putting India in the top 5 markets globally. The company has plans of opening up over 140 brand-named retail stores known as Philips Light Lounges and take part in a campaign known as ‘Make in India’ through developing 90% of its merchandises in India. The initiative has also decided to improve its manufacture capacity at its plants based in Mohali and Vododra.

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