The Dangers of the Internet of Things or IoT

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The Internet of Things or IoT, although considered promising, do have some bad side effects.

First, let’s get to the terms and understand them before going forward. What is the Internet of Things and what are botnets?

The Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things, commonly known as the IoT, refers to a new generation technology that connects devices to the internet for additional functionality. This interconnectivity benefits businesses, industries, and organizations, allowing them to connect instantaneously with their clients and partners.

But these are threatened with the so-called botnets. What are these?


Botnets are a group of devices connected to the internet but are centralized; meaning that, they are controlled by a central system. However, this is often linked with Distributed Denial of Service Attacks or DDoS attacks. DDoS is a hacking strategy wherein the hackers flood the network with fake requests, banning real users from accessing it.

IoT Dangers

Although deemed advantageous, it is important to take security seriously in connecting more than one devices to a network to avoid the possibility of hackers getting in the way.

In reality, IoT is a danger to itself in some ways. The existence of affordable devices such as tablets, smartphones, webcams, baby monitors, and thermostats that connect to the internet allows for unsafe connectivity. These encourage the entry of hackers into the system.

Some users do not even bother to change the passwords of their networks, making them potential targets of hackers for botnets and DDoS attacks.

Mirai is an example of a malware that makes botnets possible. It was so powerful that it even got Twitter and Netflix temporarily controlled by hackers.

This issue has not been addressed properly yet. As a matter of fact, authorities are still having a hard time combating this recurring issue. They just keep on coming.

The manufacture of IoT is expected to rise by the year 2021. This entails that the botnets and DDoS attackers may have more opportunities to commit fraudulent activities.


Possible solutions to botnets, DDoS, and other potential threats to IoT may require government intervention. Experts say that there has to be stricter sanctions when it comes to connecting to networks illegally. There has to be a way to increase security and network protection.

The Internet of Things should be developed in such a way that weak, unsecured devices cannot access to further avoid instances of internet fraud.

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