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Virtual Reality Changing Travel

Glynis Freeman is standing at the balcony of a tower in London at night, looking down at the lights that dazzles hundreds of feet beneath. Aloof city traffic rumble upswings from streets, then a gust of wind blows her hair. In a smile, Freeman swivels her head in all directions to have a view. “That’s cool, I want to go back to London”, She says minutes later.

That is because Freeman wasn’t in London physically. She was about 4000 miles ways, somewhere in a hotel lobby in Atlanta putting on a headset while trying a demo of the new technology which places people in glamorous and bizarre virtual settings anywhere in the planet.


This is entirely a portion of a new experiment of Marriott, a global hotel chain that allows the guests to sample virtual destinations using Oculus Rift, a headset with a 3-Dimentional HD display able to immerse the use into a realistic interactive world. The director, global brand marketing at Marriott confirmed that their aim is to really appeal to the forthcoming generation of travelers.

Virtual travel is actually in its initial stages and has a long way to go to become a mainstream. However, travel industry is fascinated by its potential that goes far much beyond the Google’s Street View as well as online virtual tours of resorts and hotels.

The impression is not that this revolutionary virtual travel will substitute the real world travel, since none in this industry would support that. Rather, hopes that people sampling virtual snippets that allures vacations like rafting the Grand Canyon or maybe hiking Great Wall of China would be persuaded to binge on the actual thing.

Behind Oculus Rift

Project Morpheus of Sony and Oculus Rift are the major systems that drive this trend, promising a headfirst in the virtual reality tech. the much overvalued Oculus Rift headset seem a little bit like something a scuba or skier diver might put on and fits cozily over the face of the wearer, with a pair of headphones. The crisp 3-Dimentional display submerges the user into a fantasy and interactive world that you can possible navigate through using game controller.

These googles come crammed with 100degree field of view that extends beyond the peripheral vision of the viewers. Also, they have a gyroscope, accelerometer as well as a compass that tracks the position of the head and also synchronizes the visuals to the direction you are facing and this allows the Oculus Rift to improve on jerky visuals of the virtual reality structures. Oculus Rift was specifically designed to improve video gaming, but Facebook Inc. waged $2 billion for Oculus VR, the maker of Oculus Rift and saw the device’s potential a future platform for communication.

Virtual Journeying

Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus consumer versions are not expected to get into market until 2016 at the earliest. That however, has not prevented the industry from fiddling with prototypes. The trial program was announced in August by Thomas Cook to allow customers at an England store to try Oculus Rift to experience flight on one of its airplanes. Marriott on the other hand has been touring US cities with its Teleporter, a closet which invites the user to climb inside, strap on an Oculus Rift then enjoy the virtual tour of Wai’anapanapa Black Sand Beach in Maui as well as London’s Tower 42.

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