Sony’s new Morpheus system will be even cooler by 2016

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To the end-user experimenting with virtual reality technology, what things look like on the outside is much less interesting than what awaits within.

This has been a standard philosophy shared by VR enthusiasts, especially those keeping an eye on Oculus Rift VR. The no-frills exterior of its viewer resembles nothing more than huge, boxy goggles that perhaps create a perception that there’s must be great things inside.

Earlier this week, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, which purchased Oculus Rift last year, shared that the headset owners may someday see their own fully immersive news feed, and maybe even live video through this blocky-looking device.

Very cool, indeed, but definitely not the only game in town.
Project Morpheus, owned by Sony, promises VR technology from a headset that looks really cool on the outside and on the inside.

While Zuckerberg said Oculus could someday have the potential to do just about everything, Sony is trying to focus on changing the gaming experience first.
In 2016, it plans to begin selling the VR headset to consumers, along with a collection of 20 PS4 games designed to work with it. These include everything from sports games like “Street Luge” to fighting games like “War Thunder” to car racing games.
One of the titles many anticipate will define the new vr helmet is “EVE: Valkyrie,” an interstellar space combat/MMO extravaganza, where you can test your mettle in huge interstellar battles or explore strange new worlds with the best of them.
Morpheus also uses the PlayStation Camera to track the player’s movements, and allows you to plug the headset into a separate monitor so friends can see what players are experiencing behind the goggles. But it’s also slim enough to allow you to wear glasses and headphones, and to move the viewer to one side to get back to reality, rather than having to unstrap and remove the whole thing.

Sony Morpheus
With each prototype of the vr helmet, the product seems to be growing better and better. Enhancements announced this week at the Game Developers Conference include that it runs at an impressive 120 Hz, which is double the rumored speed of the Oculus Rift; a 1920 by 1080 HD display (Oculus is 1080 by 960); and a 5.7 inch screen that produces a 100-degree field of vision.
Sony officials say that the current specs announced at the GDC is pretty close to the 2016 product.

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