Snapchat Lenses Are Adding To The Popularity Of AR

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Developed by Evan Spiegel, Reggie Brown, and Bobby Murphy during their Stanford University days, Snapchat once a quite popular mobile application which attracted attention because of its image messaging capabilities is now hitting headlines for enhancing the popularity of augmented reality among the masses.

Having its headquarters in California and Venice, the company has been working vigorously when it comes to experimenting with a futuristic technology like augmented reality. That means Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Apple are not the only companies which are desperately looking forward to making the accessibility of augmented reality to the masses, but Snapchat is also trying to do the same.

At a time when every technology firm is trying to figure out how to link the digital as well as physical worlds together in order to change the way we communicate, Snapchat is somewhere ahead of the race.

Snapchat Lenses, are highly crucial features of this image and video sharing application which are kind of popularizing AR. In order to understand how Snapchat is introducing augmented reality among smartphone users across the world, you are first required to understand what exactly are Snapchat Lenses. In simple words, Snapchat Lenses are nothing but graphics, masks and designs offered by the application which is superimposed on users’ faces. However, when you talk about augmented reality it’s much more than that wherein computer-generated sensory information such as video, sound and graphics etc., are added to the real-world environment in order to get comprehensive information about it.


But Snapchat Lenses (which kind of offer simple AR experiences to users) are rapidly becoming famous among its users and advertising partners.

According to a report, Snapchat’s advertising page claims that on average users engage with Snapchat Lenses for approximately 20 seconds each day. The report also indicates that 165 million views were received by Gatorade’s Snapchat lens at the time of Super Bowl. In addition to that, 224 million views were received by Snapchat’s Cinco de Mayo lens sponsored by Taco Bell.

The kind of engagement this particular Snapchat feature is receiving from the users is truly amazing which is enough to differentiate it from rest of the social media platforms. It looks like in future Snapchat can evolve as a first full-fledged social AR platform.

Apart from that Snapchat is also believed to be working on a separate project focused on augmented reality glasses.

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