SIGFOX In A Deal To Connect Italy To IoT

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SIGFOX are on the IoT again, pressing the dream of taking over the M2M connectivity space in the Europe.

SIGFOX is one of the major and dedicated providers of cellular connectivity for the M2M devices. All thanks to the SIGFOX’s and El Towers deal as well as its subordinate NETTROTTER and it would be making Italy the number ten country to get the SIGFOX network global coverage.

Carlos Lambarri, NETTROTTER CEO said, “Italian IoT customers are keen to adopt new, beneficial technology applications across multiple sectors such as smart cities, health care, manufacturing, construction, transportation and safety and security. The SIGFOX network is key to our plan to install and operate the IoT throughout Italy because it provides highly scalable connectivity at low-cost and very low energy consumption for connected devices.”

SIGFOX has already set out its network in 9 different countries and also connected approximately five million devices. It prides itself years of battery life for the devices that are connected, and in this deal we will provide a two-way subscription-based connectivity to the customers in Italy. It’s a revolution for the company with over seven million connections for objects making Italy on of the hugest among M2M markets across Europe.

Rodolphe Baronnet-Fruges, EVP, networks and operators, SIGFOX said, “This partnership with El Towers and NETTROTTER is another great example of SIGFOX’s ability to work with entrepreneurial companies that want to rapidly roll out our network across a large area. Italy has a very dynamic electronic industry at the forefront of the world IoT industry. We are excited to work with our partners and assist in bridging the Italian IoT initiatives to the rest of the world.”

As part of SIGFOX’s expansion plans, it has as well declared that its network would be installed across 10 US cities as soon as the next first quarter of the year 2016: Austin, Atlanta, Chicago, Boston, Dallas, Los Angeles, Houston, San Francisco, San Jose and New York.

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