Samsung To Launch ‘Gear IconX’ With $199 Price Tag Later This Year

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There are widespread reports that South Korean multinational technology firm Samsung has now come up with wireless Earbuds that come with activity tracking. Samsung’s wireless earbuds are called ‘Samsung Gear IconX’ and it works effectively with android devices.

Samsung Gear IconX, which is expected to launch later this year is priced at approximately $199 and has the potential to track the heart rate, steps and the calories burned by the user. The reports indicate that Samsung will be launching its Gear IconX at Q3 later this year.

In order to track heart rate and steps etc., Samsung Gear IconX makes use of high-end sensors and accelerometer. Yes, you got that right, the new Samsung Gear IconX has a built-in fitness tracker, that helps in monitoring the fitness levels of the users and that eventually helps the device to provide the right information to them about their health.


Shortly after announcing ‘Gear Fit 2’ worldwide, the latest fitness tracker designed by the company Samsung is now focusing on ‘Gear IconX’ with an intention to enhance its presence in the wearable market.

This cord-free wearable device from Samsung can be worn by the people when they start exercising and it will effectively tell them everything about their fitness.

One of the highly interesting features of Samsung Gear IconX is that it has the potential to store approximately 1000 songs and that becomes possible because the device comes with a 4GB internal storage.

Hence, it offers the users with a luxury to listen to their favorite songs without even connecting to their smartphones. The music can be played on it both with the assistance of a phone or without it. With the support of a smartphone that is connected with Bluetooth, it can easily stream Google Music, Spotify, and Pandora.

In addition to that, these wireless earbuds can also take the calls provided the fact that they are effectively connected to a phone. In that case, the Samsung Gear IconX works as a Bluetooth headset, which provides enormous convenience to users as far as talking to someone over the phone is concerned.

However, Samsung is not the only company that has come up with an idea of wireless earbuds, as the world’s first ever cord-free earbuds were announced back in 2012 by a company called Bragi.

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