Samsung Patents Interactive Images through Augmented Reality

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Samsung Patents Perceptual and Interactive Images

The first iteration of Google Glass was a great idea and somewhat of a successful first prototype. It recieved some traction when implemented in a number of enterprise use cases such as warehouse picking, viewing shipping information, product description and product training. However, Google Glass was ahead of its time in regards to form-factor and fell short when it came to longevity.

Conferring to the newly discovered Samsung patent, it more likely that Samsung could be interested in the same tech, but would take it a step further. It would work on a similar concept, except for the case of Samsung, Augmented Reality will be used to display images in front of the user and which can actually be interacted with.

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 7.59.06 AM

The system shows how a glass can be used to display a keyboard on the palm or the hands of the user, enabling them to type messages and as well dial numbers by simply gesturing and tapping the air in front of the keys. There are also other abilities such as playing a piano. Well said, since this is only a patent, there is still no surety to whether Samsung would actually make it a reality.

But, Googl as well might be working to revivie Google Glass. It was recently reported that Google had a patent which suggested the very same features and following their Magic Leap investment, it could possibly make it in the Google Glass’ second generation.

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