Rolls-Royce Claims Robotic Ships Will Hit The Seas By 2020

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In a recent development Rolls-Royce, a British multinational company has announced that robotic ships will hit the seas across the world by 2020. The concept of robotic ships was revealed by the company back in 2014.

According to reports, the Advanced Autonomous Waterborne Applications (AAWA) project guided by Rolls-Royce recently came up with a white paper which provides comprehensive details about the robotic ships or the autonomous vessels and the problems associated with them as far as their operation is concerned.

AAWA presented the white paper at the Autonomous Ship Technology Symposium 2016 which took place recently in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Actually, the AAWA whitepaper is developed by Rolls-Royce with the support of partners like ESL Shipping, Finferries, Brighthouse Intelligence and the Tampere University of Technology.

The AAWA whitepaper talks extensively about autonomous applications, and the issues related to the safety and certainty of designing and running the distantly controlled ships. In other words, the difficulties associated with the development of unmanned or robotic ships that need to be addressed , and the advantages of having such ships are effectively explained in the AAWA whitepaper.

According to reports, Rolls-Royce has developed a unique new bridge called ‘oX’ or the Future Operator Experience Concept in collaboration with Finland’s VTT Technical Research Centre and Aalto University. It is learned that the bridge’s windows serve as augmented reality displays, which help in displaying necessary information and improve the visibility around the ship with the support of high-end cameras and sensors. That means the augmented reality windows help in displaying navigation tracks and give necessary warnings and information about the ships sailing nearby, ice and a whole lot of other invisible things. All that information is really important for operating the ship safely.




A report indicate that while talking about the concept of oX, Rolls-Royce’s Mikael Makinen, President of Marine Business said that “The new oX bridge concept, is one example of ship intelligence, and is a glimpse into the future where significant advances in navigation, efficiency of operations and safety at sea, can be achieved.

The robotic ships, which are expected to be operated by shore operators from a remote operation center, are believed to appear like whales and will run with the assistance of eco-friendly engines.

While explaining about the shortage of skilled crew and the importance of shore operators Makinen said that “Add to that the fact that skilled crews are already in short supply, then we see a distinct gap opening up between the complexity of ships and the competency of the people who will crew them.

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