Ripple: The Newest Device For Flirting Now In A Tentacle-Shape

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Flirting with someone you are interested with or with someone who’s interested in you may sound a bit awkward in real life. The effort might look very conventional and would probably be ignored somehow especially for women. Fortunately, four students from London’s Royal College of Art designed an accessory that encourages an experience of dating and courtship for daily life and they called it Ripple.

They found that the increasing consumption of digital technology has led people to become more deeply involved in a virtual world. People are more active in virtual than on real life making us separated from communicating with others. We are then behaving as if we are just on our own, when actually there so many living, breathing people surroundijng us. This device was designed specifically for women to sense who’s checking and assesses who’s interested.

With Ripple, you don’t need to go online for a dating app. The new wearable flirting device is intended to cause meeting people much easier.

Ripple components:

  • Two built-in cameras.

To scan and monitor your environment.

Send you a signal when there is someone whose gaze remains in you.

To detect your possible admirer.

  • Tentacle-shaped two shoulder ring.

Move flirtatiously if it finds a mutual attraction.

How does Ripple works?

  • First, the device scans the user’s surrounding to find out who is attracted with.
  • Then, it broadens user’s idea by allowing physical sensations to find and pinpoint who shows interest from the people in the surrounding.
  • The device recognizes the natural reactions and intensify the flirtatious act by moving in return to the admirers glaring.
  • It will give the user that ripple feeling up in the back when it finds someone is interested.
  • Once the user faces the identified admirer, a tap in the chest will be felt and it will be the hint that this is the admiring person.
  • And if, the feeling is mutual, the tentacles move flirtatiously.
  • Lastly, if the user and the identified admirer make an eye contact, Ripple warms itself up.

Hopefully, after those mutual interactions the user gets her partner and courtship then follows.

The makers of Ripple believed that people especially women still longs to connect with people not only through the communicating eyes. They want to enhance the idea and widen the awareness of the activities around without using gadgets like laptops and phones. Still, there is nothing wrong with living in the old-fashioned way.

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