Rio 2016: Olympic Games of the wearable devices

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The Olympic Games in Rio were not only the meeting point for the most talented sportsmen in the world, but also the place where a competition between the newest technologies takes place. There is nearly no athlete who did not use a wearable device during the preparation training for the Games and you can see a lot of the sportspeople wearing a wearable fitness device even in the Olympic village. Therefore, you could also call it “the Olympics of wearable devices”. From a smartwatch to an intelligent training shirt – all those technologies are used by the athletes. But what exactly is the reason for that?


According to a report which was published this week by the DKV, the fitness wearables for the average citizen are bought and than nearly never used instead of improving the user’s fitness level. This is totally different devices used by the Olympic athletes.

Samsung IconX (Source: Samsung Mobile)


The devise records your heart rate, your speed and your performance level: and all of that with instant feedback.
Seldomly training has been so profitable like nowadays, when we have to chance to use wearable devices. Beside the personal coaches they have their own, very individual coach on their wrist, included in their training shirts or in their glasses.

In order to persuade the sportsment of the diversity of its products, producers are willing to spend a lot of money. Let’s take Samsung for example: they offered 12,500 sportsment a brand-new Galasy S7 including IconX. The wearable technology in the form of a headset records the hearth frequence and sends constant feedback to the Samsung S Health App.


Training with wearables

But wearables are far more than giveaways. Bay 2016 they became part of the athletes training routine. From the US biking team and the smart glass “Solos” to smartwatches all over the Olympic grounds.

Solos Smart Cycling Glasses with Heads Up Micro-Display (Source: Inventionneer)

Now, after the Olympic Games 2016, we have to evaluate which innovative training approach was the most promising. A task for experts all over the globe for the next games in 2018.

The German version of the article can be found on Medialist.


Picture of the Article: Solos

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