Retro Wave VR Releases Max VR Game

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This is the most talked about innovation in the VR world. Finally, Retro Wave Vr presents Max VR game.

This is something most of the VR gamers have been waiting for.

RetroWave VR.

This kind of technology lets all the gamers live the futuristic dream from the 80’s in virtual reality. Retro Wave VR brings the first arcade video game MAX VR and it is out for android and iOS today and promises to bring back the modesty of geometry, neon lights and synthesizers.

  • Retro Wave includes logo that is Png Transparent.
  • A poster and an Instagram Cover.
  • Retro Wave can also be linked through Instagram. It can also be downloaded from links.

Max VR Game.

This is an immersive VR retro futuristic game stimulated from the  early 80’s creation of gameplay, visual and music styles.

Max VR is created with the perfect blend that takes back the unique and chill vibe that has made the 80’s games out stands with and make your way out through the waves of the enemies by using the voxel arts and synthwave musics.

The game is composed of incredible 10 levels and an additional endless survivor stage.

Max VR is now available for download on websites for iOS and Android. And this requires Android 4.4 and up.

As of today it has only one version and was updated last February 5, 2017. It has no in-app purchases for downloads and has the rating of PEGI 3.

There is an in-depth video where in the power user Sacco shows the gamers on how he fascinatedly composed the music and sound effects for Max VR. It can be searched on Youtube by typing Game Music or Sacco the music behind Max VR. You can also see Max VR on iTunes and on Google Play.

Max VR is the top on the list for the much awaited upcoming astonishing VR games in a similar prepared to be released.

Reviews from gamers are all inviting. This is what they all are looking for in the longest time. They describe this as the greatest Virtual Reality content.

Max VR was released with poster. Its release on the press includes languages in English, Español, and Deutsch. An mp4 video for its trailer is also included. Gamers can link Max VR to Youtube video. And it can also be downloaded from links.

Max VR is the most overwhelming idea of welcoming to the new Retro Wave era.

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