Register now for Embedded Technology 2015 and IoT Technology 2015 Exhibitions

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Register now for Embedded Technology 2015 and IoT Technology 2015 Exhibitions

The Japan Embedded Systems Technology Association (JASA) has announced Embedded Technology 2015 (ET2015) and IoT Technology 2015 exhibitions. The exhibitions will be held simultaneously at Pacifico Yokohama from November 18 to November 20, 2015. Registrations for both the exhibitions are open now.

The ET2015 will exhibit major semiconductor companies, processor vendors, OS, middleware, development tools, board computer, measurement hardware, and designs houses. This exhibition will serve as a platform for the cutting-edge solutions from industry leading manufacturers and vendors such as Intel, ARM, Microsoft Japan, ALTERA JAPAN, Socionext, Qualcomm, SCSK, and more.

Following keynote sessions will be delivered during the ET2015 event:

  • Safety Infrastructure technology trend of the vehicle control system that targeted to an automated driving – Shigeyuki Kawana
  • Automated and Connected technology toward traffic fatality and injury Zero – Seigo Kuzumaki
  • The Principle for Profiting from IoT – Kazuo Yano
  • The mechanics of creation of new values that make engineers’ eyes sparkle – Hajime Takebayashi.

The IoT exhibition will present cutting-edge technologies from Automotive, Robotics, Smart Factory, Healthcare, Agriculture. At the core of this event will be the Embedded Technology and IoT-related conferences on topics such as security, methods to effectively utilize big data and automated driving, and many more.

The following are the IoT Technology 2015 subject areas:

  • Semiconductor Devices in IoT
  • Wireless Sensor Networks/M2M Techonologies
  • Remote Control Monitoring System
  • Wireless Networks (Wi-SUN, Wi-FI, Bluetooth, Zigbee, NFC, etc.)
  • Wearable Devices
  • ITS System (Vehicles, Traffic Management System,etc.)
  • Data Analysis Technologies
  • Engineering Design of IoT Platforms
  • Security/Authentication Technologies
  • Smart Energy Technologies(wireless power transmission, smart meters)
  • Integration Technologies and Services
  • Authenticated services (Wireless Authentication).

IoT Technical Solutions and Hardware Sessions

There will also be held the IoT Technical Solutions and Hardware Sessions featuring trending technological themes such as big data, image recognition and protection of personal information.  The expert sessions will be dedicated to hardware technologies.

Embedded IoT Hackathon

During the event, an Embedded IoT Hackathon will also be conducted. It will feature 10 teams of technical experts testing their skills at hacking IoT. This event has been planned with the aim of discovering and developing “Embedded IoT talent”.

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