Patents Hint Future iPhones Likely To Come With An Edge-To-Edge Screen & AR Support

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At a time when companies like Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, Lenovo, and LG etc., are emerging as leaders in the worldwide smartphone market by bringing highly sophisticated devices, Apple Inc., is also expected to surprise users with advanced iPhones in future.

If you believe the rumors, the company is gearing up to make a whole lot of difference in the design and features of its iconic iPhones, which could be greatly dissimilar from the traditional iPhone design.
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According to a number of reports, Apple Inc., is granted with a series of patents which give an indication of the future iPhones sporting an edge-to-edge display along with offering full support for augmented reality. Yes, you got that right, the upcoming iPhones will have a kind of screen that will cover their front portion from edge-to-edge.

The patent granted to Apple Inc. ensures that sensors such as cameras, and speakers which are generally sported on the forehead of the device will now stay under the edge-to-edge screen.

According to reports, the company had filed a patent for “electronic devices having displays with openings,” back in 2015. On the basis of it, the device manufactured by the company with have openings which will allow components such as sensors, cameras, and speakers etc., to be placed under the edge-to-edge display. The openings that will be incorporated in the phone will help in transferring the data that is received by the sensors. However, all these openings will be so small in size and hence they cannot be noticed by the human eye. If you go by this information, future iPhones will surely look like a big display.

On the other hand, the company had also filed a patent for a transparent AR device a year before filing a patent for an electronic device having a display with openings.

If the company really materializes this idea, it will be a great news for iPhone users who have got a habit of seeing these sensors either straight on phones screens.

Last but not the least, there have been tremendous rumours suggesting that iPhone 8 will sport a huge OLED display, and the patents granted to the company adds fuel to them. That means, on the basis of the information suggested by the patents it kind of becomes clear that the rumors doing the rounds definitely have some truth in them.

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