Passengers At Canberra Airport Can Explore Wildlife Through An AR Screen

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The Australian federal government is taking the support of cutting-edge technology to promote tourism in the country. Australia is one of those countries which rely heavily on tourism when it comes enhancing its economic growth.

Perhaps that’s the reason the federal government is now using augmented reality technology for increasing the growth of tourism industry. Recently a huge augmented reality billboard or screen has been installed at the Canberra Airport in Australia, which offers an opportunity to passengers to explore the vivid wildlife that’s found in the country.

AR Screen
The augmented reality billboard is designed and installed by a Canberra-based tech firm   called the APositive. According to Amber Standley, who is the founder as well as the CEO of APositive, it’s the only game of its kind that’s been installed in an Australian airport.

It is extremely difficult for the passengers arriving at Canberra Airport to ignore this enormous augmented reality screen which makes it possible for them to touch ferocious and colossal animals like cheetah, and whale. This augmented reality screen is installed at the departure entrance right next to the place from where passengers pick -up their baggage.

This AR billboard is funded jointly by Canberra Airport, Visit Canberra and Commonwealth Tourism Demand Driver Infrastructure program of 2014-15.

According to reports, Gordon Ramsay- the Arts and Community Events Minister gave a statement saying that it’s one of the initiatives taken by the government towards achieving the target of ACT’s Tourism 2020 objectives which aim at making an extensive profit. ACT’s Tourism 2020 target is nothing but increasing the profit by 25% to $2.5 billion by 2020, as far as overnight visits are concerned.

In order to ensure the rapid growth of tourism industry, the ACT government has invested around $248,000 into this augmented reality project which is effectively attracting passengers’ attention. Because of this joint initiative between the Canberra Airport and federal government, passengers entering the city via this airport will surely look forward to exploring the unique wildlife available in the country.

As of now this AR billboard allows passengers to touch a cheetah that’s available at the National Zoo & Aquarium and to explore bettongs at Mulligans Flat Woodlands Sanctuary. In addition to that, they can also visit Sapphire Coast and explore a virtual whale there.

This billboard is actually a very stunning way of advertising and promoting tourism and it looks like both the government and the Canberra Airport will definitely get desirable results from it.

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