Oracle Tackles Mobile And Internet of Things With Integration At The Core

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Internet of Things is the talk of the day everywhere and its trend toward mobile is similarly on the rise. Now, how can a developer decide what to do? What can Oracle possibly offer them?

The Vice President of product management and strategy at Oracle, Siddhartha Agarwal joined Brian Gracely and John Furrier, cohosts of theCUBE from SiliconANGLE Media group, at the Oracle OpenWorld 2015 to come up with solutions to those questions and also answer how the Oracle can provide IoT solutions as well as the differences between Oracle and its competitors and independent developers.

Enterprise Mobile

Oracle Tackle IOT And Mobile

Agarwal insisted that Oracle did not only have a front-end development for the users of mobile, but simplified the back-end integration as well. Back-end integration swiftness is vital when it comes to mobile development. Also, the application should be stable enough in order to receive frequent updates. This particular speed of release is a thing that the Oracle system can handle, and the company as well added all the necessary back-end integration, integration with the Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms by oracle and many others included.

Agarwal is certain that stable connection with the user base is a major key to development of the front end of the application, a thing that can only be made possible with interaction of the community and repeated front-end changes which the Oracle can also provide.

IoT Platform

Oracle is not only poised as a main contender in mobile, but it is equally ready for Internet of Things (IoT) with major guidelines at core; integration. The Vice President Product management and strategy at Oracle, Agarwal said that it’s all about integration with IoT.

He further explained the Oracle’s platform with integration at heart enhances manufacturing, for instance, ability for a sensor to communicate to cloud in real-time on possible failure. Such info can then be used by other applications in Oracle suite and possibly be able to prompt a mobile notification to the perfect field personnel for repair, either when there is a problem or before an occurrence of a problem. This is the most practical approach demanded by the enterprise.

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