Open Source Virtual Reality Platform Now Available on Steam

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OSVR stands for Open Source Virtual Reality which is an ecosystem or a framework co-developed by Sensics, a pioneer in the VR industry. OSVR consists of multiple OS that connects applications and game engines to several VR headsets with the help of universal interface that is common to all. This means that the players are offered with an opportunity experience a high-edge gaming tools and technology of Virtual Reality.
The other co-founders of OSVR are Columbia, MD, and San Francisco, and CA announced that OSVR will now be available and will support the content for OSVR on Steam. This means that VR content will now be universally accessible through a single distribution platform. Apart from Sensics, OSVR is also supported by Razer, Leap Motion, Intel, Gearbox Software.

OSVR has made it easier for the game developers to support several numbers of devices and the hardware vendors can access the first-rate content for their vending purpose. This means that the VR is now making it quite easy for users to access Virtual Reality content and hardware.

The three giant players in VR –  HTC Vive, PlayStation VR, and Oculus Rift consist of a dedicated store that denies access to the games that can be played with competitive headsets. In other words, the players can access only those games or the titles that are released on these three platforms but only with their respective headsets and not any other. OSVR has entered the Steam platform to change this scenario and allow all the players to access the games even on these three platforms with their competitive headsets. The reason behind this change is that the software development kit (SDK) of OSVR allows the developers to build their games that can support all the VR headsets irrespective of their brands. This means that OSVR will offer a common as well as a universal platform for the VR users to access any of the VR hardware or content with their competitive headsets.

OSVR along with its Developer Fund Program will give an incentive offer of $5m to the game developers to build such games that support OSVR. It is reported that several applications including 38 games are been funded by OSVR till date.

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