Oculus Rift Changing The World of Art And Design

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Rafman’s Exhibition in London a Virtual One

If you are new to the exhibition in London, you’d confront the wander woods and monsters in the scary and dark virtual reality world. However, it is not the art in it that’s astonishing, it is the technology itself that amazes.

While walking through the dark, scary tunnel and turn the head, you’ll see a head torch illuminating the rough, moist walls of a narrow passage. Then you appear in a wood, to see the biomorphic statute behind. Everything you see them to be very real, but that is not true. The tunnel, woods, and the sculpture are entirely 3-Dimetional and by looking round, the view variates as just like in real life.


When you take the headgear off, you get back to the gallery where Jon Rafman created the bizarre landscape that can be explored with Oculus Rift, headset anticipated to create a commercially real virtual reality when put onto the market. You need to visit Rafman’s exhibition in order to have a free trial of the bewildering digital revolutionary stage.

Earlier on in the 90s, everybody else thought that virtual reality would conquest the world. There wasn’t a film that was complete without a user putting on a visored helmet and also putting on the arm foolishly. Now it occurs that the internet changed the world, as games modestly turned into Regeneration perception in order to make the flat span of a screen that appear deep and spacious.

All these is certainly about change and the Oculus Rift actually works. It would bring a totally rebranded world of gaming pointing a way to new potentials in the cinema. It actually puts you in the simulacrum of the real space which can actually be scouted into the finest details.

What It Brings Forth

Rafman is one of the very first arty users, though his efforts are not convincing in overall. His London Zabludowicz Collection show is a rambling study of some impartially clichéd ideas on technology and culture. It is filled with collaborative gimmicks where you can get shut inside a cabinet watching Rafman’s films, or maybe just lie in a bath of bubbles as sleazy images flickers by. It would be satisfactory if he was talking about something that is more original, unique and cogent.

The notable bit so far is the Oculus Rift experiment which you can grasp from the dark labyrinth midst inhabited by bizarre sculptures. Wearing the headset and getting into the virtual world is unnerving and patently innovative.

The tech itself is astounding, artists are the inventors of Oculus Rift. The set-up by the artist is okay, but eventually a short-lived jaunt into a fantastic territory that already explored a lot scarily, through the help of Oculus Rift, by David Cronenberg or David Lynch. So, Oculus Rift provides implausible possibilities for science fiction as well as horror cinema, not to talk of the brainless action films.

James Turrell might go beyond what game developers ever dreamed about. His installation of lights actually disrupt senses ad also perplexes you. Possibilities are that, he might just blow your mind with the Oculus Rift experience. Mat Collishaw and Olafur Eliasson may just make something really beautiful or maybe a scary happening in this mysterious real and unreal world.

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