Nintendo’s Switch Expected To Have Virtual Reality Support

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Nintendo is one of the world’s largest video game companies and recently, it has been revealed that the company is coming up with its latest gaming console called Switch which is expected to have its headsets supported by VR.

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Nintendo has been constantly saying that they are not planning anything in Virtual Reality in the near future. The President of ‘Nintendo Of America’ Reggie Fils-Aime said that filing the patents doesn’t give any confirmation on whether the device will be put into effect and further said that Nintendo is not much enthusiastic when it comes to virtual reality. According to him, virtual reality was typically a tech and “not fun” or “social” and so he showed his reluctance on the idea of having support of Virtual Reality for the upcoming gaming console.

On the contrary, the patent filings of Switch VR have revealed that the latest gaming console will have headset that is supported by Virtual Reality. This fact was revealed by a few hints that were dropped in its mobile app, Miitomo and also because the patent findings that were leaked on December 15 by NeoGAF users were very close to what the final Switch VR product looks like.

Naysayers think that Nintendo is trying to divert its competitors from virtual reality for its own benefits and that even if the patent has been filed, it is not guaranteed to come to life. Moreover, there are more than 50 titles with big budget that are going to release in the upcoming year and they will be utilizing virtual reality in one or the other form. According to the patent diagrams, it is clearly seen that Switch VR will have its headsets similar to those of Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR.

Nintendo Switch VR, according to the revealed/leaked diagrams is expected to sit on a dock that can be connected to your TV and while connected to the dock, it can work like a regular headset or a console that you can play just like a regular one with the help of a dedicated controller. On either sides of the controller, there are two controls which are known as Joy-Con controllers which are usually wireless and so can be handled with your hands to control the game.

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