Nexon Computer Museum Survey Shows ‘Game’ As Most Wanted VR Content

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  • ‘Game’ dominantly gained 58% as preferred genre for VR
  • 40s, 50s chose ‘Traveling’ as 1st, followed by ‘Game’ as 2nd
  • ‘VR’ picked as most influential technology to change our daily lives in the recent future over ‘AI’


NEXON Computer Museum (Director Yunah Choi) had recently surveyed 303 museum visitors and SNS members about the perceptions of VR and announced the result.

Total 89% of respondents answered to have heard of VR and 68% of total had experienced VR. Among the experienced, around 61% of them had less than 3 times of trial but 27% of the respondents answered to have experienced 5 times or more, hinting themselves to have high accessibility to VR equipments or possessing one. Also, 81% of those who have not experienced VR yet showed to have the intention to try later. Even considering that the survey pool came from NEXON Computer Museum visitors or SNS followers with a comparatively high interest in IT technology, still, high interest in VR could still be seen.


Survey From NEXON Computer Museum

‘Game’ was dominantly the most favored genre among VR contents by taking 58% of total preferences followed by ‘Traveling’ 13%, and ‘Movies & Dramas’ 12%. In age segmentation, nearly 70% of teenagers and 20s favored ‘Game’ the most, and preference shifted gradually to other sectors such as ‘Traveling / Movies / Dramas’ as age grew older. Respondents in their 40s & 50s picked ‘Traveling’ as 1st by 31% & 40% respectively, and ‘Game’ preferred by 31% & 20% respectively. Preference in ‘Game’ was seen differently in gender as male preferred 66% whereas female preferred 42%.

Total 70% of respondents have shown positive outlook in VR industry. However, around 58% insisted that Korea needs more effort in order to achieve more presence in the industry & the market. ‘Expansion of corporate investment in IT R&D & employment’ was picked the most by 31% for actions required to step up in VR industry, followed by ‘More government support in IT venture infra’ & ‘Advanced IT education & training more IT experts’ taking 29% & 20% respectively.

At the question ‘What technology would change our daily lives the most in the near future?’, 38% of total respondents picked VR to be the most influential technology which is almost 1.5 times than ‘AI'(25%) that recently gained high interest after the Go-playing competition between AlphaGo vs Lee, Sedol.

Yunah Choi commented “VR is an uprising technology which can expand the scope & boundary of experience in reality to infinity“, “We conducted this survey to see the status & perception of VR, which is one of the core ICT technology, as we prepare to proceed the upcoming future.

As for respondents’ age group, teens took up 12%, 20s 51%, 30s 21%, 40s 13%, 50s or more 3% of total.

Meanwhile, ‘VR Open Call’, held by Nexon Computer Museum is an ongoing public VR contents contest for anyone who wishes to be a producer of VR contents under the slogan ‘VR, why just sit watching’. Winners will be awarded with various benefits including the chance to display the contents to the visitors at Nexon Computer Museum. Application period is between Aug 1st to Aug 12th and winners will be announced on Sep 30th. For more details, please visit the website of Nexon Computer Museum.

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