Netflix Launches Virtual Reality Apps on Google Play

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Until past week, Netflix VR was available only to the Oculus Store but, now it will also be available on Google Play. Yes, you read it right. Netflix has launched its VR apps on Google Play for the Google DayDream View headset.

netfilx VR App

Netflix brought its Virtual Reality app for Google Daydream View headset which will allow the Google pixel owners to watch their favorite TV shows and movies in their own VR theater with the support of a Daydream-compatible phone. At the present moment, this feature is limited to the Moto Z, ZTE Axon 7, and Google’s Pixel smartphones.

Netflix VR is very similar to the app for Samsung’s Gear VR headset and is available in the Google Play store. This app creates a VR environment for the users and gives them a feel of a huge theater system through the VR headset.

The users can make changes in the size of the home theater screen according to the   position convenient to them with the help of the hidden settings menu given in the VR headset. Daydream app will extend to the manufacturers who will build their headsets with Google’s Daydream specifications in future but for now, it is limited only to the Google’s VR headset.

To navigate through the Daydream’s app, you need to sign-in to it using its (Daydream View) specific remote control. Efforts were made to boot up the app with a Google Cardboard Viewer or other similar third-party headset, but it did not work the way they wanted.

Netflix VR doesn’t work offline in the sense that you have to be connected with your mobile-data or your WIFI network to watch your shows or movies. It is said that it won’t work offline for time-being so, there are possibilities that an update to this may arrive in future which may remove this limitation of the app. Currently, the Netflix VR is completely free and so, you have full access free of cost to the Netflix library.

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