NASA’s Virtual Reality Software Mars 2030 To Place Users On Red Planet Surface

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Historically, mission simulation had had a major role in the space exploration through helping astronauts to make up for the unknown in a better way. NASA is now looking forward to managing those who own popular headsets based on virtual reality, an experience that is equally immersive especially with Mars 2030, an experience of virtual reality with a goal of offering uses a feeling of life on Red Planet.

Scientists of NASA have all along been looking towards virtual reality (VR) as a means for gaining fresh and innovative insights and discernments in Martian landscape for a period. Earlier in 2015, it made an announcement of an Onsight software that through a partnership with Microsoft called on its researchers to make use of HoloLens in exploring a virtual 3-Dimentional environment created with information and data that is gathered by Curiosity rover.

NASA's Mars 2030 VR Software

The space agency is now incorporating the offer to the entire public. The outcome of a partnership between MIT’s Space Systems Laboratory, NASA and Fusion Media is Mars 2030, and it is founded upon hardware and the operational concepts that are under study and research as at now. It will be available for free especially for the users of Google Cardboard, Samsung and Oculus Rift, which is set to unveil within 2016’s first quarter. Also, its versions will be ready and available on Google Play and iTunes for Android and iOS respectively.

The director of Advanced Exploration Systems Division of NASA, Jason Crusan said that further than the practical use for training, virtual reality is also offering a fascinating and compelling way and method of sharing the work that we have been doing in designing justifiable and sustainable human missions, at the same time inspire the up-coming generation of the space pioneers. It great to have the chance to witness the virtual experience of FUSION closer to reality.

Mars 2030 will launch by March 2016 in Texas at the South by Southwest.

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