My first experience of Microsoft Hololens demo in NYC!

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'Life Flow' by 3D 4D artist Anthony Cappetto

D 4D street artist Anthony Cappetto within ‘Life Flow’, an anamorphic 3D design for a cardiovascular conference in San Francisco, California, USA.

Happy New Year everyone!

2016 is starting out with new opportunities and new experiences with emerging technologies of the wearable kind…

Today I just attended a demo for the Microsoft Hololens wearable device and it was an eye-opener.  Prior to my visit, I read a few posts from other sources and thought I had an idea of what was going to happen and seeing (and moving around) is believing when you actually are at  or my thinking within the demo experience.

When I arrived…  (our demo session which consisted of a group of three), we were brought to a series of scenarios in which we experienced different ways to envision and interact with holographic content.  [As a note: After the demo I asked what I could post about in my blogs and I was asked by the team to feel free about speaking about my experience but I’m glossing over details as I’m sure the Microsoft people will be glad to share them when they think it’s the right time, and I respect this as much as I can.  AC.]

'Life Flow' 3D anamorphic installation by Anthony Cappetto

Anthony Cappetto placing red corpuscles in the 3D anamorphic illusion…


First Things First…

The first experience was learning how to wear the device itself which is its own computer so there isn’t a need to be ‘tethered’ to a machine or CPU.  You are free to move around and use the Hololens whether work, play, or in the case of my art, a combination of both.


Using a combination of command types and gestures,  I was able to make my physical environment mesh with the virtual via the Hololens then the fun began…

Suddenly I was facing an onslaught of flying alien android machines from all four walls of the room and ‘armed’ with my controller actively defended myself. This involved running around the room ducking and taking evasive action constantly while identifying and blasting the alien menace from sudden starship blasts (opening up walls) everywhere…

There were other dimensions to this but of course I suggest seeing it for yourselves…


The second module involved viewing holographic products that could be advertised or branded for a virtual campaign with many different functions akin to an episode of your favorite science fiction show – one of mine involves a deck… 😀

Tools for utilizing your experience:

Besides seeing the campaign, one that you as the agency team responsible for the product can read the results from what your target market sees can tweak the virtual campaign, learn and apply lessons learned to sharpen focus and expand on the virtual campaign reach.


Creative/ Business:

The final module was a scenario in which you as a user learned how to manipulate holographic content for your creative, business, or statistical needs with an intuitive toolset – holographic of course…

My take:

Based on the early experience that I had, I as a 3D 4D illusionary artist saw a great deal of potential in the Hololens and what can be done with holographs in terms of mixed reality with my art and have a good deal to consider in my developing experiences mingling traditional anamorphic art and emerging technologies.  I hope to be able to work with the technology when I can soon.

If my readers in emerging technologies fields have a device, technology that I can experience with my art interests – I look forward to hearing from you soon!


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