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While Pokemon GO showed the world what augmented reality could mean as a game and brought a new wave of experience, there is a lot more to be discovered in this sector. Keeping the trends of AR and yet building a better experience, another start-up moBack is making waves to fill the gap through their new product moBack AR. While the technology has always favored developers and users, moBack is taking a step further by adding ease to the artist’s and animator’s life.

Building on top of what is already available to the public regarding virtual and augmented reality viewing and experiences, moBack AR is building a free platform for everyone to use. Artists can present their work followed by sound, animation, and textures, along with the 360 degree view to showcase their portfolio.  Enterprises and small business can upload shops and experiences to unveil their products for purchase, as well as provide a new and easier way to view goods within the user’s home without the hassle of walking through aisles and aisles of a store after store to find just the right thing. For people just wanting to use the app and not upload their content, the moBack AR app works similarly to that of Youtube with creators uploading their content to so as to be shared with the masses.  MoBack believes in building a portal to support all 3D work and content in VR, AR and probably in the future for MR thus opening the world of imagination and content to all the enthusiasts.

Apart from uploading and building a portfolio, the content creator can also share his/her work with others, and also view more content created by others. Adding another feature of application moBack AR helps the author place his/her work into different applications for a more advanced use than just building a portfolio.

The new revolution in content is not too far from your fingertips… try it to believe it

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