Mitsubishi eX Concept Has An Augmented Reality Windshield

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Mitsubishi eX Concept Has An Augmented Reality Windshield

Looking forward to debut later this month at the Tokyo Motor Show, Mitsubishi has opened up to its latest concept car marque eX Concept. This active, vivacious design is visually intriguing but not on the highlight of the car. Rather, the concept’s augmented reality windshield. Possibly, such improvement may look like disruption, but actually it is the opposite.

The Augmented Reality windshield focuses on keeping driver’s eyes stuck on the road ahead by displaying info that is usually shown on the infotainment screen mounted on the dashboard, out into driver’s forward field of vision.

The data displayed consists of, but not limited to vehicle-to-vehicle distance alert, lane departure warnings, navigation route guidance, as well as traffic sign alerts. Generally, this is the information that the motor’s onboard camera gathers based on the road sign recognition system.

That’s not the only screen in the Mitsubishi eX concept car. It also has the Information Display (ID) placed in the center dash and it takes over less precarious infotainment presentation. When paired through the cloud with a smartphone, the ID with its artificial intelligence (AI) can make recommendations for the driver based on hobbies and interests of the one driving, but determined by cloud information.

In addition, the side view and rear view mirror functions have been taken over by the HD screens and cameras. One display is dedicated to a rear view monitor and it is mounted upon the overhead console as the side view monitors are displayed on both sides of the instrument cluster just behind the steering wheel

Unlike the Augmented Reality windshield, components propelling eX concept are more realistic on the view of the future sports crossovers. The battery pack is mounted under the body and it’s known to have a high capacity and high performance. It feeds power into two electric motors comprising of the concept’s Twin Motor 4WD. Although Mitsubishi does not provide any performance figures and information, its low-slung battery is able to propel the motor for about 128 miles (400 km) on just one charge.

The sports crossover is specially designed to conjure up images of the shooting brake, and it also offers an elaborative cabin that is accessible by the ordinary front-hinged front doors as well as rear-hinged rear doors. With no center pillar, the occupants can easily access the cabin.

Finally on the eX Concept, in front of the car there is a fascia demonstrating the Mitsubishi shield grille iteration. Another feature that would leave you astonished about the sport crossover is the fascia components being rubber coated. Most of the front end is rubber-coated and this is intended to lessen damages.

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