Microsoft’s HoloLens – Don’t Expect An Improved Field of View

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Microsoft’s tryst with augmented reality is near-ready to make the official entry to market. The product that raised a lot of curiosity has also attained criticism for its limited field of view.

The line between the real and the virtual world continues to blur. Augmented reality is ready to take the control by enhancing the real world environments with the integration of computer generated graphics. In the bid to make the most serious attempt in this direction, Microsoft sowed the idea of an amazing piece of technology called HoloLens few months ago. In January this year, the developer hardware appeared for the first demo and garnered enough limelight. Fast forward to present day, the headset model is almost near to completion, but the recent demonstrations have left the experts a bit disappointed.

Why? There is one underlying difference between the development unit and the headset model. It’s about immersion or the perception of physical presence in a virtual world. While the former appeared much immersive, the latter restricts itself for this important aspect. The fault lies in the field of view which clearly fails to fuse the two worlds together. Just when the virtual world starts building around you, the real world objects interrupt the magic and cause distractions.  The restrained rectangular field of view takes up the size of a big TV screen. Having said that, the frame fails to fit in the entire scene! The pieces just fall apart and the entire illusion gets shattered. HoloLens produces images that are unmatchable but the field of view plays the spoil spot.  Microsoft started receiving feedbacks and concerns about the issue in April. It was expected that they would work on it and induce the desired changes. However, they seemed to have not paid much heed towards it. Microsoft’s Kudo Tsunoda appeared live during E3 to share the company’s thoughts. He raised hopes claiming that the hardware was not complete and the field of view was not final. He went on to clarify that the final product would not have highly noticeable changes. In other words, the experience with HoloLens would be more or less similar to what the recent demos conclude.  Immersion is one of the most talked-about aspects of augmented reality. While the technology would never match virtual reality in terms of immersion, there is enough room for it to create impressive experience. Unfortunately, HoloLens promises little in this regard thanks to its field of view. Coming from someone like Microsoft, it is even more heartbreaking.

The hardware presented at E3 hints that the final version is almost ready and the official launch may take place anytime now. With the negative feedbacks making the round, HoloLens’s success is bound to suffer.

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