Microsoft Unveils IoT Hub That Ingests Data From The Physical World

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Microsoft just made its Azure IoT Hub generally available and it’s intended for managing fleets of devices which amass the data from the physical world.

The product that was publicized back in September, allows the companies to provision, manage and also ingest data from millions of different devices, which are part of Internet of Things. It is crafted to aid companies to disregard that cluttered business involving figuring out the way to manage a huge number of IoT devices and also focus on the software and hardware.

At the core, Azure IoT Hub obliges as the backend that tells embedded devices what exactly to do, then gets the data back from them so as to power the applications. One of the benefits of using it instead of like system from scratch is that Azure IoT Hub is specifically meant to integrate with the other cloud services of Microsoft.

Microsoft Unveils IoT Hub That Ingests Data

The implication is that developers wanting to build for their devices an intelligent software backend would find it much easier to get the info into a stuff like the Azure Machine Learning for processing as well as action.

The users of Azure IoT Hub pay for the services on the basis of per-message, whether it is a message coming from the device to Azure, or that coming from the cloud to the physical device. Microsoft is providing free tier, which allows the users to test the service with up to about 500 devices and also sending of messages up to about 8000 in a day, so the users can pay for the costly plans eliminating the limits on devices, and increase cap on the total number of messages sent via the IoT Hub.

Azure IoT Hub is part of cloud IoT Suite, a product of Microsoft that includes a number of tools, particularly fashioned to assist companies in managing their integrated devices.

Other than the software news, Microsoft announced its partnerships with Dell, Libelium, Advantech and HPE on Azure Certified for IoT program, allowing the manufacturers to show that their Internet of Things devices can easily integrate with the products of Azure IoT Hub.

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