Microsoft Research Working On Hologram Video Calls

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Technology giant’s research division is now making an effort putting up their augmented reality slices into use with the holographic video chat.

Whereas the virtual reality is on the bottom line of blowing up into consumer space, augmented reality is far behind also. Already Microsoft has the developer version of the HoloLens Augmented Reality headset and is up for grabs, and likely to unveil a consumer version any time soon in the coming year or so. While the visuals HoloLens are referred to as holograms they are more of the visual overlay which is only visible to someone that puts on the headset. That however, do not imply that holograms are not a thing.

Microsoft Working On Hologram Video Calls

The mildly titled Microsoft Research, has some major plans for the Augmented Reality, particularly a thing known as RoomAlive Project. It utilizes Kinetic depth cameras as well as digital projectors in order to create augmented reality ‘zone’. For example, inside your bedroom can be suddenly occupied by the members of Fellowship of the Ring by using RoomAlive. Granted, it still work that is going on and visuals are not as realistic as the other instances we have witnessed, but it is a step forward to the augmented reality without necessarily requiring a headset.

However, the major news is that reportedly, Microsoft is taking the research while in an attempt to apply it in the video calls. The manner in which they picture it, it is more or less like skype video call, only that rather than the other person on the screen, each of you can see the hologram of the other person, who may be seated at board. As at now, the tech works with real time streaming, though the image depth and resolution still needs something done. The setup comprises of a setup of a multi-camera with a projector, however there could possibly be a way to reduce the tech in any case to semi-portable standards.

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