Microsoft Announces its Azure IoT Suite at AzureCon 2015

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Microsoft Announces its Azure IoT Suite at AzureCon 2015

At a time when Internet of Things (IoT) is creating a huge sensation across the world, tech giant Microsoft has announced its Azure IoT Suite to provide its clients with high-end IoT solutions. The Azure IoT Suite, which can now be purchased by clients was announced by Microsoft Tuesday, September 29, 2015, at AzureCon 2015.

The main address at AzureCon 2015, an event which covered a lot of things related to Microsoft’s Azure platform, was offered by Scott Guthrie, who is the Vice President of the Azure Cloud and Enterprise Division.

Microsoft Azure is a highly important cloud computing infrastructure which offers high-end cloud-based services to businesses.  Azure can be utilized to run SQL database servers, host web apps, and virtual machines, and empower organizations with powerful machine learning.

When it comes to the Internet of Things Suit (IoT), the tech giant had first announced it back in April of 2015, which has now been made available by the company for purchase. Services such as data stream collection, as well as storage, will be  easily executed  by  the Azure IoT Suite. Microsoft’s customers can also use the Azure IoT Suite for things such as fleet or asset management, predictive maintenance, and remote monitoring.

When it comes to the analysis and effective visualization of the machine data, it can be easily included in Power BI, which is Microsoft’s Azure-based analytics system. With the support of the Azure IoT Suite, services can be easily combined, which will ultimately allow the less tech-savvy firms to obtain the benefits of IoT technology.

Some of the companies which have already been using Microsoft’s IoT suit include Rockwell Automation and a German elevator company, ThyssenKrupp.  They seem that they have been functioning quite well with its assistance.

Rockwell Automation has been using Microsoft’s IoT suit for monitoring its control systems associated with oil and gas drilling and production and pipeline transport.

Microsoft’s Azure IoT services help Rockwell Automation to deliver high-end services to its clients.

When Mike Schutz, who is the general manager of cloud platform marketing was questioned about whether Microsoft IoT customers need to store the data in the cloud, he said, “In many cases they’ll want to because that makes it easier to do the analytics there. But they don’t have to. They can store it on-premise and still have a ways to plug it into the cloud’s analytics.”

Considering the fact that Microsoft’s Azure IoT Suit is providing the clients with so many benefits, it is definitely expected to be a major player in the industry.

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