Microsoft And Volvo Partners To Bring Augmented Reality to Showrooms

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Sweden-Based automaker Volvo has a long history of good reputation as car industry that upholds safety. Safety features such as replacing the spear-like traditional steering wheel shafts with bulkier, non-intrusive versions are easy to see. Other features such as laser sensors detecting the movement of adjacent cars are more complicated to determine on the showroom floor.

Therefore, for advertisement of their safety in today’s world, Microsoft and Volvo teamed up to create models of the cars in virtual reality. The two institutions are collaborating to come up with technologies for the automotive applications. One of the first fruits of that collaboration will be HoloLens augmented reality glasses that would be used in the Volvo showrooms to develop and improve the car purchase experience.

In the showroom, there are no actual cars. Instead, the possible buyers put on goggles for Microsoft HoloLens system that displays objects that are virtual, and they can walk around the virtual vision of the car as well as the ideal system making the car along with its safety features to work. The invisible sensor fields of the car are envisioned as colorful waves, a bright neon world of awareness, which you would not see in any other ordinary showroom.

microsoft volvo collabrates for VR

HoloLens can be used to demonstrate the safety features of the car like forward collision braking assist that cannot be easily shown at the time of actual test drive. It displays 3-Dimentional traffic simulation and can offer human the vantage point of the sensor. Volvo and Microsoft are thinking about bringing to play software that would allow the prospective customers to sit in a Volvo inside the showroom as they undergo a virtual test drive through HoloLens.

Volvo and Microsoft

For part of Volvo, the company confirmed that the partnership concentrates its commitment to its core values of technology as well as safety. HoloLens need to be in the showrooms by 2016. Just like the new, safer cars also get more and more autonomous, convincing human beings that it is a good idea car to have control is a really tricky preposition. Imagining the sensors in such a captivating fashion is a better way to sell it.

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