Mercedes-Benz Uses AR To Help Save Lives

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Augmented reality has spread its wings widely everywhere and is continually progressing in every sector of technology. Now, it has taken its steps in the field of automobiles too. Automobiles are now getting established with AR technology with the purpose of protecting the passengers and the insiders.

In the field of automobiles, Mercedes-Benz has initiated using AR technology for the protection purpose. For this, it uses QR codes on the B-pillars of the cars and on the internal side of the fuel door of the new cars and this has been started since 2013. They have provided first responders and emergency personnel to quickly rescue those inside the car in the case of an accident. This is done using a Rescue Assist Mobile app which is now upgraded with a 3D imagery, as well as augmented reality, allowing the people involved in the rescue operation to get a clear and better picture of the situation when the accident occurs.

The AR features enable the personnel to see the color-coded representations of the internal components which include key areas to guard on when carrying out the rescue activities like cutting through the vehicles to get free the passengers inside the vehicle. The AR app will give a clear location of the things like fuel lines, batteries, and other electrical components and extend the help in reducing the further injury or damage and save the lives of the insiders.

The Rescue Assist app will also provide some resources that will include rescue cards, giving an overall view of the safety measures and facilities which will also include few other branded cars and vehicles.


Thus, AR technology has taken a step towards saving the life of the people traveling by Mercedes-Benz and few other branded vehicles through its latest app called Rescue Assist app.

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