MekaMon AR Gaming Robots Finally Launched

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Augmented Reality has taken a step forward by bringing the concept of spider robots into the market recently. Reach Robotics is launching its new app-driven robots for its MekaMon augmented reality gaming robots today. It is a joint venture between Reach Robotics and The Bristol,The UK-based company, that develops app-driven robots which are capable of battling in both physical as well as digital worlds.

The union of the digital and physical concept is responsible for bringing such kind of toys to life that can be played physically as well as digitally. After taking this step, Augmented Reality is indeed going to be a big hit in the gaming world. Until now, the customers were shown everything virtually through their headsets or the smartphones in AR but this is something new and completely tangible. So, the customers can touch these robots and can play games with them through their smartphones, into the real world.

The team behind this project include competent engineers, game designers, and computer vision experts who were credited for working at Aston Martin and Airbus. Before the MekaMon robots could become the real fighting machines, they have gone through the trial and error process 27 times over 3 years of development.


You can control these MekaMon spider robots with your smartphones wherein your phone screen will become your dashboard through which you can control and customize the robots while on the virtual as well as the physical battlefield. Not only this but, MekaMon also consists of a tracking technology that empowers the robots to rise above the physical world and unite with the digital gameplay in real-time. The robots are designed in such a way that they can easily move and can be customized with your desired weapons and physical accessories to create an environment of a battlefield with robotic fighters. The robots have a battery life of one hour (per charge) and they use a phone camera including an infrared tracking system to have a detailed control over themselves. Each robot weighs around 2.2 pounds and costs $329 in the market.


MekaMon consists of a multiplayer mode that enables you to have a bot-to-bot fight as well as you can fight in an arcade style and these modes consist of games like Tug-of-War, Last Man Standing and more. The best part of this concept is that people can use their smartphones to play with these MekaMon spiders and can play the games in real-time which wasn’t there earlier. Also, MekaMon robots are capable of connecting themselves with multiple devices which allow more than two people to play the game.

Moreover, you are empowered to play in a two-player mode with another MekaMon robot without AR which is an added feature. The first 500 bots are expected to ship in a “limited edition” by January 2017.

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