Magic Leap Working on Augmented Reality Operating System

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The Augmented Reality Operating System by Magic Leap

The start-up is currently working to develop an eyeglass-like device that would be projecting computer generated images on a real setting of life. Eventually, it wishes to develop an Augmented Reality operating system –an OS for reality. Rony Abovitz, the CEO confirmed this on stage at the WSJD technology conference.


Unlike the completely immersive Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift virtual reality worlds, Augmented Reality overlays videos as well as images in real-life. Rio Caraeff, Magic Leap’s Chief Content Officer, noted that the whole tech concept have no special effects, editing or post production.

Abovitz explained that the only difference that existed between the digital Augmented Reality objects and humans was the atoms. And provided you do not taste, smell or touch what you see, everything is neurologically true. The video demo alone cannot give you the whole experience of using the system. Essentially there is no replacement for experience.


While hiding beneath a desk, shy Gimbal waves at the viewer, interrelating with his surroundings. Abovitz explained: “Effectively, you can experience Gimbal as a complete neurologic reality in the world with you – flying around, going behind things, [sitting] on top of tables. So he’s there.”

With the headquarters in Florida, the start-up was conceived of the idea that people need to come first, and that technology and computing have to fit all our needs. Last year, Silicon Valley giants group agreed to invest $542 million in the company.

Since then, Magic Leap has named Neal Stephenson, a science-fiction writer who’s also a game designer as the Chief Futurist and teased its advanced augmented reality technology through the game played using a headset and physical props.

The company announced its plans to launch the software development kit over the summer. The kit would support for Unreal, Unity as well as custom 3-Dimentional engines.

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