Magic Leap Officially Demoes Augmented Reality Shopping

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Augmented reality has widened the horizons of every sector today, be it driving, relaxing, or playing mobile video games. It has taken the future of technology in a completely new direction. This technology has widened its wings from conference rooms to living rooms and has made an effort to entertain people to the maximum possible extent. There is one company having the purpose of making the shopping experience immersive with the use of this technology.


The successful augmented reality start-up Magic Leap gave a demo of their augmented reality shopping capabilities at a conference in China. The demonstration stated that the technology will make shopping in your living room immersive. It also demonstrated the Chinese apps through which the voice control capabilities were displayed.

The biggest drawback of the conference was that the demonstration was been done in Chinese and so it is difficult to explain much in words. So, it was nearly impossible to understand what they explained in relevance to the software. However, it is easy to understand the concept of the technology which is very similar to that of the Virtual Reality wherein headsets are used to get the experience. Here, the software empowers you to get the immersive shopping experience from your room without being completely blocked off from the real world. This software has improvised the experience of the people who were forced to keep their heads straight in the VR headsets.

Magic Leap has developed tremendously in the recent years and also has been successful in improving the immersive experience of the people through its technology. Also, they made lots of videos demonstrating their technology experience to the people in the ways of shocks and surprises.


The success of this software has given the best example of the same for the video game “Pokemon Go”. The technology still has to go far in spreading its wings with the new innovations in new dimensions.

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