“Luke Skywalker” Unveils a New Virtual Reality Program for Pediatric Patients at Florida Hospital

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Mark Hamill, known for his depiction of the famous Star Wars character, Luke Skywalker, visited the pediatric patients at the Florida Hospital for Children to introduce a new Virtual Reality program.

His visit was a pleasant surprise to both the staff and the patients. The program was made possible by the cooperation between Lucas Films and Starlight Children’s Foundation.

The Star Wars actor also participated in the Star Wars Celebration at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando City on April 13-16 this year. April was a busy month for the veteran actor as he was also present in the April 14th tribute to Carrie Fisher, who was his co-star in the Star Wars franchise as Princess Leia. She died from a heart attack on December 27, 2016.

The new virtual reality program aims to bring entertainment to the pediatric patients at the Florida Hospital for Children. During the visit, there were also other Star Wars characters that delighted the children. R2-D2, the Storm Troopers, some Jedis, and many other characters brought forth the force with the staff and patients at the hospital.

Hamill tweeted the event saying, “Thanks @FloridaHospital 4 letting me visit kids in your care & @StarlightUS 4 providing SW backpacks filled w/goodies! #ForceForChange.” The tweet was posted by @HamillHimself, his official Twitter account.

As mentioned in the tweet, the actor was with Starlight Foundation who also brought backpacks filled with goodies for the patients, although it was not mentioned what specifically were the goodies given. Hamill spoke with the sick children, some of them terminally ill with cancer, and entertained them. It was a day to remember and the actor said he was deeply moved by this cause. He plans to continue to participate and spread the #ForceForChange and encourage Star Wars fans to donate for this cause.

Coloring books and artwork materials were given to the children as well and they had fun engaging in the activities.

The Florida Hospital also has a Twitter account and they thanked Hamill and his crew who came over to make the kids smile. @FloridaHospital tweeted: “The force is with us! And so is Luke Skywalker! Thank you @HamillHimself and @StarlightUS for the amazing visit!”

The Virtual Reality program is now ready for use by the staff for all kids in the pediatric hospital.

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