Levi’s Created A Smart Jacket In Collaboration With Google

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Levi’s smart jacket that’s encapsulated with Google’s Jacquard technology has the goal to provide practical purpose to wearables. Together they make up to take the innovation of the product and widen its potential in the market. The partnership envisions that the future for wearable technology in the fashion industry is going to be more about smart clothing.

Google said that Jacquard can make it to blend touch and gesture interactions into any textile that uses standard and industrial approaches. Even clothes and furniture can easily be transformed into interactive surfaces.

A trucker jacket was established as the starter consumer product of the partnership between Levi’s and Google and was set to be out in the market by September 2017.

Ivan Poupyrev, Jacquard’s leader for Google’s ATAP group and Paul Dillinger, Levi’s head for global product innovation, kicked off the roadshow to promote their $350 machine washable jacket at the 2017 Southwest Interactive festival in Austin, Texas.

The user is allowed to take control of a phone through a patch of fabric on the left sleeve cuff. A dongle, coded as “Jacquard Tag” is attached into the sleeve to provide connections between the phone and the sleeve.

The user can receive signals such as phone call and can control other tasks without looking at the phone through the help of the Interactive Haptic Motor and LED lights. Set of engagements of input and output is at its great function and possibly be making the product more famous to consumers.

Why establish stuff like Jacquard?

Ivan Poupyrev. Consumers wanted something wearable. Even though the smart jacket is not so fashionable, the users can still have varieties of shapes, colors and patterns to choose from. Through this, technologies and aesthetics will get its connection clearer.

He thought that authenticity should be the top priority in order for technology to take a spot in apparels. Authenticity is more significant for the look and feel of the product to make it achieve its purpose beyond fashion. Creative process is what it should possess than deceiving colours and fabrics. That is how consumers look at apparels.

They realized that a wearable could possibly be a part of an apparel without feeling strange.

Paul Dillinger. Google made this product diligently so that it could still function into the present chain of supplies which they refer to as an apparel supply chain.

The manufacturers see the potential of making everything in life do important tasks ever than what it usually does before. They were into the idea of acquainting people to experience and engage into something that is satisfactory.




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