Launching Today VRKiX headset on “The Grommet”

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I am proud to be launching our VR KiX headset today on “The Grommet”-Joe Elichaa 11/23/15

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Why did they choose my product to be one of the 3% of submissions that they launched?

My product, VR KiX is a Virtual Reality headset that uses your smartphone and apps from your app store to give you a VR experience. This is just a taste of what is coming as the VR industry grows and changes.

The headset is available in black and white, it has a removable front panel for AR apps, cooling side vents that also act as an access to your phone’s  headphone jack. The face padding is thick foam covered in a soft pleather that can be easily cleaned and sanitized if sharing the unit. Our lenses are adjustable so you can set them to meet your eye requirements…not everyone’s eyes are the same distance apart, nor do they focus the same. VR KiX is lightweight and the three point strap keeps if firmly in place so no slipping, sliding or arm fatigue!  When you place your phone into the device tray, it is gripped on both edges firmly by a spring loaded, adjustable, sliding mechanism that ensures your phone stays in place. Who wants their expensive smart phone to fall on the floor when they open the tray??? I also include a drawstring storage bag with every purchase. We have a 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects. Check out VRKiX and our other complimentary products on our website:




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